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A2C Sound


Identity & website


Developer: Soyoon Choi


Identity design

Art direction

UI/UX design

• Context


A2C(Adaptivity to Circumstances) is a project to archive how the local music communities and collectives in various cities of the world have reacted and been adjusted towards variable regulations and situations during Covid-19. I was asked to create a visual identity for the project and a website to archive the information and content. 

• Challenge

The project compares the music industry in two different cities — one in South Korea and another in other countries — by interviewing local people who are involved in sound art and music performance area. 

• Solution

The overall visual direction of the project contains both formal and playful looks with twisted analog feelings to present the aspect as an archiving report and also interesting research. It mixes the look of a paper document and a retro internet world. I gave a digital version's faded texture using CSS gradient. To provide a similar experience to the way of searching physical document files with fingers, I used the accordion style for opening and closing sections.

For a better user experience in terms of a content-focused website, all the information and the contents are directly shown on the landing page at once in a brutalist style reducing further steps. The latest subject will be displayed on the landing page and the subjects can be changed if clicking the drop-down menu on the top left. 

To maximise the fundamental purpose of the project — comparing and connecting two cities — I set up the concept as a mirrored structure and applied it to the website and the logo: a double scroll layout that can show two different contents on one screen, a chain-symbolised logo with the letter A and C which look reflected. The interviewee's portrait photos are also in each mirrored chain shape. 

To show the interview content effectively, I used strong contrast between the interviewer's and the interviewee's words using different weights and styles of font like two different voices talking.


* The second project and the English version are in progress.

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