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E-recipe book


Art direction

Editorial design

UI / UX design



Foodspring is a Berlin-based company manufacturing fitness food and sports nutrition. They launched a campaign called Shake and Play which provides an e-recipe book. Consumers can find a link on Foodspring's website or QR code from the product package to download it.



The project goal was not only introducing recipes using Foodspring's product but also encouraging consumers to make a protein shake following the recipe and then share photos of the shake on social media, Instagram.  

The layout of the e-book has to be considered about localisation since it was going to be released in 4 different languages.


I led visual direction for the e-recipe book design. I emphasised the colourful and cheering aspect of the brand aesthetic to appeal to the young target who would be more friendly with social media. 

I gave the highest priority to the imagery part to inspire consumers to make and also share it. The image of the recipe is in a square shape that represents Instagram content.

In order to effectively show the categorised recipe based on purpose, I added 3 bold dividers taking the whole space of one page with the zoomed-in images alongside with background colour divider.

To design a localisation-friendly template, I used simple and flexible rules: split the recipe into two parts — information about the menu and recipe. The position of ingredient, cooking order, and the tip part wasn't fixed but they are listed using the fixed padding size.

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