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Full of Air


Identity & website


Identity design

Art direction

Visual creation

UI/UX design


• Context


Full of air is one of the shows on 4zzz radio in Brisbane, Australia. They asked me to build a website only for the show that is separated from the radio station to increase their own brand awareness.

• Challenge

They wanted to have a visual that articulates the meaning of the brand name and their creative vision to be displayed on the website. The visual was expected to include organic and abstract shapes with diverse textures such as metallic and transparent materials, which can closely share the same emotion with the music style they seek. 

• Solution

I art-directed and created a visual identity of 3D motion graphic by transforming the words ‘full of air’ into an abstract and mystical scene with a feeling of the air as a brand key visual. To effectively show the motion graphic, I built the website visual-focused. The visual was a landing page and at the same time a background image.

To establish a distinctive and unique brand identity, I designed an unconventional webstie with inordinately big menu buttons in an old-school interface style taking almost 1/5 space of the screen. It also helps emphasise the simple structure of the website — about page, archiving page for their latest shows, and text page to share their ideas or news.

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