Imaginary Friend is an underground electronic music event series in Berlin. I creative-directed a visual identity and a tone of voice that unite the brand's total experience of the event series in a target-oriented and system-free way. 


Each event that happens 3 times a year has a new different concept, theme, key visual, and freebie to expand the brand identity gradually through every single event. Not only to give a strongly free and unique tone & manner to the brand but also to provide the target with highly varied experience from each event, I only defined the minimum rules of the design guide 4 animal characters, 8 brand colours, jokes dedicatedly related to experiences at music parties, and the iconic vocal sentences from old school hardcore music in Comic Sans font so on, but without font style guide / limitation.

* This event branding project has been featured on If Only Magazine.


Imaginary Friend


Event branding


Art directing


Logo design

Poster design


Promo goods design


SNS content design

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Some of her projects has been featured on If Only MagazineCSS Winner, Brutalist Website, and Four oh Five so on and awarded at The Wrong biennale

Nahyun Park is a Berlin-based graphic designer serving Interdisciplinary visualisation that includes

branding, UI / UX design, editorial design, illustration, and experimental design.