Cultural event series


Identity design
UI/UX design
Art direction


Video artist: Hannelore Braisch
Logo designer: Elisabeth Suter


HOLON is a non-profit cultural event series. It was launched in September 2022 by my former employer, Monomango. As an interdisciplinary format, it connects art, music, tech and design using virtual instruments. The project was handed over to me with a finished logo and emblem design. I developed the identity system further.

Challenge & Solution

I defined a communication design universe for HOLON across diverse print and digital variations. This included: two websites (one for the brand itself and another to advertise rental services for the space); posters; exhibition texts for print; social media template; and digital banners for editorials.

The visual language centres roundedness and color-play. These characters present inclusivity and have a welcoming tone. The project series was brand new and therefore had zero online or physical presence. I produced a template-based design framework to build an impactful identity and to streamline asset development for future event programs. I assigned different color schemes to give each event its own unique skin.

The HOLON project is still growing and has been featured in Collide 24, Kaltblut Magazine(1), Kaltblut Magazine(2), Berlin Art Link, Index Berlin and Thursday’s Child.

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Holon event series