Music event series


Creative direction
Identity design
Art direction
Visual creation


Co-founder: JM Moser, DJ Fart in the Club, Ibu 600


Imaginary Friend is a quarterly underground electronic music event series that was established in Berlin, 2018. As co-founder and creative director, I developed the visual identity and set the tone of voice that unites the event’s total experience.

Challenge & Solution

The challenge was to create an original identity for a new event series that sets it apart from others in Berlin’s highly competitive music industry.

As a solution, I developed a strong brand story that gradually evolves through each event in a system-free way. The only consistent components are: the logo, brand colours, and four animal characters (representing the four founding members) — there are no other fixed guides. Each event is announced along with a new theme, key visual, and giveaway. The four animal characters are drawn in a different style to match each concept, linking to insider jokes and experiences that occur at the music parties. This strategy has established a unique and playful brand manner. It has also built a strong, dedicated community of followers who feel a part of the ongoing narrative and are excited to collect new ephemera and experiences from each event.

The project has been featured on If Only Magazine.

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Imaginary Friend event series