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Identity design
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Web development: Apilia


Immersive Instruments is a hybrid furniture integrating hardware and software. Its flagship model is a smart table named ‘Commune’ that consists of object detection, AI-enhanced navigation, and a touch terminal. If offers software with complex real-time 3D simulations. It was first built for real estate projects — under the name <Architact Studio> — and as a collaborative office tool – called <Meeting>. Newer developments are geared towards customized b2b services for any other virtual space via haptic control interfaces.

Challenge & Solution

This was a long-term in-house project I led as a brand designer and UI/UX designer at Monomango. I established a total brand experience solution: from the ideation stage by co-creating a communication identity, to directing Ul/UX design system for both the promotional website and the digital product. This involved developing a challenging screen variation from mobile and desktop to 75” touch screen.

The product interface’s overall look aligns with emerging technologies. I chose an unconventional color scheme, font and button design to enhance the product’s unique, elegant and minimal qualities. When building the user experience for the- touchscreen table, I designed intuitive finger motions for more accessibility.

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Immersive Instruments digital product