Exhibition Publication


Art direction
Visual creation


Illustrator: Kihyun Park


Objective Dialogues is a year-long attempt to produce new cultural formats in Haus Der Statistik and to connect opening dialogues around objects with the Karl-Marx Allee neighbourhood. The project was initiated by ZK/U (Centre for Art and Urbanistics), a cultural organisation in Berlin, Germany.

Unused artefacts from the neighbourhood were analysed, transformed and re-communicated using a specific methodology. A bridge was created between the original and future “owner”. During the project, collective knowledge production and collaborative storytelling could be practised by developing a critical view of the more technocratic approach of today's waste management.

I was commissioned to art-direct and design a publication which archived the concept, process, and final exhibition of the project.

Challenge & Solution

I created a friendly and playful visual tone for the publication, since the concept focused on unity amongst the local residents following the initial covid-19 lockdowns.

The main challenge was to merge high to low quality photo assets with illustrations from various participants into one consistent style for the overall publication. I symbolically used shapes and lines that appeared to be hand drawn and developed rough cuts as a solution.

Additionally, I designed the layout to emphasise the ‘Object transformation’ content (from page 12 onwards). I added a two-page intro where readers could understand how the formal objects are transformed into new ones. I filled the content pages with a large font title and dynamic text alignment.

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Objective Dialogues publication