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The Iconic Shot


Brand identity



Art direction

Logo design

Editorial design


● Context

I was asked to establish a brand identity including a logo and a design system at the very first stage of a new photo studio business based in Berlin. The studio only had a name which was The Iconic Shot and their main service direction which was product shooting.

● Challenge

The client expected a logo to be simple and easy to recognise their service from it and wanted to add a slogan 'Make your product iconic' as part of brand identity.


I designed a brand identity that reflects its aesthetic desire — vibrant colours, simple composition, clean delivery by using a vivid but elegant colour scheme and font.

Overall the logo looks balance as a well-composed object to deliver the studio's photographic technic of quality dealing with products. The letter 'T' is a symbolised focusing icon on the camera viewpoint and at the same time camera flashlight.

I utilised the slogan into not only a decorative pattern that can be used with or instead of the logo but also a template that represents a frame to be placed on their photography works. The slogan is written in the same font style as the logo's to extend the visual identity.

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