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TV / Internet commercial


Graphic design

UI design

● Context

Trivago is a global German transnational technology company specialising in meta search engine service comparing the prices of accomodation like hotel, hostel so on all over the world.

● Challenge

I was charge in style frame design for its TV / internet commercial of the Korean market. Trivago had already had a specific tone and visual storytelling of its commercial across more than 50 markets. The mission was to compose the each scene and redesign all the graphic elements including simplified UI design of Trivago website on the semi-finalised video keeping the existing brand identity.   



I kept the basic overall layout of the previous commercials and added fun decorative elements that are developed from the brand logo / colour to not only evolve its visual identity but also help the motion of the actor, which was to show the process of using the product: search destination, choose date and period, set up detailed search options, click search button, and then compare price on the result page.


For the simplifed interface element, I designed clean but also cared the depth by using several half-transparant layers.

This style frame was eventually expanded into official design guideline for entire Asian markets due to a successful result — 234% YoY growth after broadcasting.

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