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Useless Stuff


Brand identity



Art direction

Logo design

Graphic design


Poster design

UI/UX design


SNS content design


Useless Stuff is a conceptual project based on digital material. The format of the project is an online shop where people can access from anywhere with their digital devices and actually purchase ‘stuff’.


The website consists of landing page showing the concept of the ‘brand’, Useless Stuff, shop page selling the products, detail page for the products' information and contact page with an email address and SNS link. 

An ironic combination of surreal visual and commercial voice obviously exaggerating generates sarcastic mood overall.

The ‘brand’ provides useless solution through its products for silly problems such as indecisiveness in deciding to go out or not, feeling futility and too much arrogance. 

* This project was selected for a contemporary digital art biennale, The Wrong Biennale held at Convent del Carme in Valencia, Spain.

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