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Wayfair DE / UK


Brand marketing 



Art direction

UI / UX design

Editorial design


Icon design


● Context

Wayfair is an American e-commerce company that sells 14 million home furnishings and décor items from more than 11,000 global suppliers. It entered the European market in 2009 and the Berlin branch where I worked as an in-house designer was in charge of the German and British market.


• Challenge

When working in Wayfair from 2016 to 2018, one of our major goals was to reposition the brand image among competitors in Germany and Britain by gradually evolving the visual identity not premium but more refined and modern.

Additionally, since the company presents a large number of products from different suppliers, the brand's total experience was needed to be united with more solid and clearer visual consistency across all marketing materials such as a brochure, email, banner, social media contents so on.


Overall, I updated the grid system guideline for all kinds of digital and print visual assets with more margin and empty space for a clean look. For the consistency and brand awareness improvement, I not only unified the style of the CTA button displayed on all digital marketing materials but also created illustrations, templates and icons developing the symbol of the logo which is a pinwheel shape. 


Our main direct marketing material was the brochure with a customised cover. I brought more variety into the existing layout of it for better pacing and kept updating the cover design based on the constant A/B test. 

Since 2017 Wayfair has experienced exponential growth in both the UK and Germany – over 1000% per month.

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